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 Resource Pack Sharing

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PostSubject: Resource Pack Sharing   Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:33 pm

Before sharing any resource packs here @ Lost Realms, it is advised that you give these rules a quick read.

If you are wanting to share a resource pack you created, then please...

1 : Give a small description along with a screenshot showing what the resource pack is like.

2 : If your resource pack contains any copyrighted files (e.g. music), it is advised that you remove them before sharing.

3 : Do NOT post any resource packs that contain any sexual / vulgar content.

4 : Please post a valid download link after your description. If the link you provided is fake or otherwise invalid, it will be taken down immediately.

5 : If you decide to update your resource pack, please update your description and download link.

If the resource pack you are sharing is NOT yours...

1 : When sharing a resource pack, please give a small description along with a link to the original source. Be sure to also include the name of the developer.

2 : Do NOT share any resource packs that contain any copyrighted content (e.g. Music).

3 : Do NOT share any resource packs that contains any sexual / vulgar content.

4 : Do NOT download and re - upload any resource pack that isn't yours. As long as you provided a link to the original source, they can find it there. Since most people use Ad Fly, visiting that site will support them.

5 : Give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for your patience!
Sincerely, The Lost Realms Team

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Resource Pack Sharing
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