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 Sharing Maps and Creations

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PostSubject: Sharing Maps and Creations   Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:05 pm

Before you begin posting and sharing maps here @ Lost Realms, please give these rules a quick read.

If you are posting a map you created, then please...

1 : Give a brief description as to what your map is like. Also include the type of map (e.g. Adventure, parkour, etc) along with the Minecraft version of which the map was created on. A screenshot of the map is also required.

2 : Please provide a valid download link. If the link is fake or invalid, it will be removed immediately.

3 : Do NOT post any maps that contains any sexual / vulgar content.

4 : If you decide to update your map, please update your description with any changes you made.

5 : Do NOT post someone else's map and claim it as your own.

If the map you are sharing is NOT yours, then please...

1 : Provide a brief description along with a link to the original source. Also include the Minecraft version  of which it was made, what kind of map it is (e.g. Adventure, parkour, etc), along with the name of the developer.

2 : Do NOT share any maps that contains any sexual / vulgar content.

3 : Do NOT download and re - upload any maps you do not own. Since you provided a link to the original source, they can download it there. Since most map creators use Ad Fly, visiting that link will give them support.

4 : If the link to the provided source is fake or invalid, it will be removed immediately.

5 : Give credit where credit is due.

Thank you for your patience!
Sincerely, The Lost Realms Team

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Sharing Maps and Creations
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