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 Notice ~ Writing a fanfiction

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PostSubject: Notice ~ Writing a fanfiction   Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:20 pm

First off, what is a fanfiction? A fanfiction is a user - made story based off of video games and / or movie titles. Anyone can make one, all that's required is time and dedication (And patience) to create a unique story. Before you start creating stories of your own here at @ Lost Realms, please consider giving these rules a quick read!

1 : Please refrain from using any cussing / swearing in your fanfics.

2 : If your fanfics contains any content that could be considered inappropriate, please refrain from posting it. Please contact an admin to get it approved.

3 : Do NOT post someone else's fanfic and claim it as your own.

4 : There is no limit as to how long your fanfic can be. The only limitation you have is your own imagination.

5 : The theme for your fanfic doesn't have to be Minecraft related. You can post fanfics related to nearly anything (As long as it's permissible).

Write away, my friends.
Sincerely, The Lost Realms Team

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Notice ~ Writing a fanfiction
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